National Anthem by Tea Partier at O’Donnell Event vs. Rocket Man by William Shatner


    Which interpretation of a famous song do you prefer?  First, here’s a rendition of the National Anthem, by a “Tea Party Hobbit” and self-described “troublemaker,” at the Christine “Not a Witch” O’Donnell/Tea Party event the other day in Arlington. If you can sit through that, including the long, overwrought, and seemingly endless “explanation” of the lyrics (“Oh say can you see?!?” Get it?!? ha) as I’ve got to warn you it’s almost unwatchable, the the second choice (on the “flip”) is William Shatner’s interpretation of Elton John’s song “Rocket Man.”  After you’ve listened to both, you can vote in the poll as to which (witch?) is your favorite. Enjoy! 🙂

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