President Obama: The Cave-in President


    The newest debt “deal” continues a long line of Obama administration cave-ins to a minority of politicians on Capitol Hill whose governing philosophy is not to govern. While recognizing the progressive policies enacted by President Obama, his failures to take on the political opposition during politically integral times have left many on the left with the feelings of frustration and betrayal. Is this “our” president or not?

    Assuming that the current budget deal is rushed through both chambers of the Congress, a terrible precedent has been set that may have negative effects for many years to come. The precedent is this: hold the American economy hostage or any other integral systemic feature of American society, and you’ll have your policy demands met! Responsible governing, that’s a phenomenon of previous congress’s.

    As progressives, we have ourselves to blame as well. We didn’t do enough to stop this madness! While the Tea Party put boots on the ground and sent multitudinous phone calls to their legislators, progressives sat back bemused by anxiety, misunderstanding, and frustration. Why is “our” president not defending our policies?

    The open secret about politics is that to be heard you have to speak! Maybe we didn’t speak enough or loud enough. Whatever the answer, we know we have to do more from here on out because our current strategies obviously didn’t work.  

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