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    I think it’s time for us to start looking around and seeing what Democratic politicians do.  Gerry Connolly has consistently voted for legislation that supports the super wealthy over the needs of the poor in the United States.  It’s time we find a candidate to take on Gerry Connolly and show him that we are not a group of citizens who ignore graft and support of the powerful over the weak.  Most Democrats in Congress are looking out for one thing, themselves.  They ply for lucrative lobbying or industry specific careers that will enhance their wallets after they leave office.  We need a fighter who doesn’t care about their own career, but cares about the people, Gerry Connolly is not that man.

    I would suggest several names of people who would be a more effective Representative, as the 11th District will probably be getting more blue to salvage Wolf’s districts republican nature, I’m going to suggest:

    1.  Leslie Byrne

    2.  Kaye Kory

    3.  Eileen Filler Corn

    I think this would do two things, get us someone who’s not just a shill for the corporate lobbyists, and also, get someone who’s not a rich white male to represent this growing area that is multiculturally diverse.  The VA delegation also has NO women representing it in Congress.

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