Trust Us – It Won’t Hurt You


    In the current “destroy America” world of the Republicans there is one sacred industry so radioactive to touch we are told it is critical to the future of our country and must be given free rein. The VA legislators have enjoyed their bribe of a vacation in France for this industry. They have no fear of it now and should be quite willing to give it everything that the Cooch has said is dirty.

    The one part of the industry we look at is the very one the Republicans say “Trust us – it won’t hurt you”.

    This article from out west is about Cotter, a company that is radioactive in many ways. HuffPost has the first of the articles regarding Cotter getting permission to dump 90,000 gallons of radioactive stuff in to a holding pond (never mind the pond leaks). This morning in a litigation happy newspaper the article is how Cotter is requesting to be relieved of its requirement to measure the ph of the pond. Why you may ask? Due to the high level of radioactivity which is probably frying the employees.

    Ah – the sweet sounds of BS coming from Republicans and the uranium industry. It won’t hurt you.

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