“Account Suspended”: A Metaphor for John Cook’s Campaign?


    Great job by the crack Cook for Braddock District Supervisor campaign. (Apparently) not paying your bills, resulting in your campaign website being suspended (fore more than a day now)? Sloppy. But not surprising, when it comes to John Cook, who last week misstated the name of a supposed “environmental group” (the “Fairfax League of Conservation Voters” essentially has been disowned by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters), calling it the “Northern Virginia Conservation League,” a group which does not exist. Cook also was blasted by Fairfax County Board Chair Sharon Bulova, who said that Cook “continues to misunderstand how Fairfax County maintains the stability of its pension funds” and that he “is standing up against good financial advice and the expertise on the boards of trustees of all three pension funds.” Then there are the relatively small mistakes, which paint a picture of sloppiness, lack of attention to detail, and arrogance. Are those the qualities you’d want in a Supervisor?

    And so it goes…this Tea Party/Ken Kookinelli favorite, running as a pretend-“moderate” (actually, he voted against support for Congressional clean energy and climate legislation, voted against labor on the Metro to Dulles project, etc.), now can’t keep his website up and running. Seems like an apt metaphor for his political identity and for his reelection campaign, neither of which appear to be running on all cylinders.


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