Call the SCC TODAY! Demand Public Hearings on Dominion’s Long-Range Energy Plan


    Join us today (Wed., Sept 28) for a sidewalk rally in front of the Ballston Common Mall in Arlington at 11am. Activists and clean energy business owner Kent Baake of Continuum Energy Solutions will be urging Dominion ratepayers to call Virginia’s energy regulatory agency, the State Corporation Commission (SCC), and demanding public hearings regarding Dominion’s long-term, short-sighted energy plan. Activists seek public hearings so citizens may voice their strong support for clean energy and clean air in person and directly to the SCC.

    While Dominion’s plan calls for the retirement of two of the dirtiest coal plants, it otherwise has no commitment to large-scale wind and solar. This is short-sighted and intolerable, especially when you consider that this plan calls for a 25% increase in generation over the next 15 years.

    The State Corporation Commission is deciding our energy future, and we must be allowed to speak out! Call the SCC TODAY at 1-866-722-2551. Demand that they hold public hearings regarding Dominion’s long-term energy plan.  

    Click here to be guided to our special CALL ALERT to the SCC, where you will be provided with the number to call and a sample script.  You can also log in your call to let us know their response.

    This is our opportunity to demonstrate overwhelming public support for efficiency, wind, and solar to the SCC, Dominion, and our public officials. Call the SCC NOW and together let’s speak up for Virginia’s clean energy future.


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