Down here in the 99th District . . . .


    We now have a contest — though I don’t know how much of a contest — for Albert Pollard’s HOD seat.

    The Republican primary winner was Margaret Ransone of Westmoreland County.  She was attacked by her two opponents for accepting money from out of state and out of the district, and, because her parents donated to Al Pollard (!).  She was also attacked as being an “illegal, unregistered lobbyist” because she had gone to Richmond on several occasions to testify and lobby in support of issues affecting her family’s business.  She won handily with 61 percent of the primary vote to her opponents’ 21 and 18 percent.

    And now we have a Democratic candidate — Nicholas “Nick” Smith, also of Westmoreland County.

    Nick is an impressive young man — maybe a bit low-key for a campaign but very impressive.

    Here’s his website:

    One fact about Nick that really impressed me is that he’s a graduate of the Sorensen Institute at UVA.

    Nick has some real challenges in the 99th:

    1.  The Republican primary garnered a lot of attention for their candidate.

    2.  Ransone will be supported by Rob Wittman.

    3.  Ransone raised a lot of money in the primary and no doubt will have access to the same donors for the general.

    4.  Nick’s campaign is starting from scratch.

    If you are in the 99th HOD District, how about showing a lot of love for Nick:

    1.  Contact his campaign, get yard signs and bumper stickers.

    2.  Send money.

    3.  Talk him up to your friends.

    4.  Send more money.

    5.  Invite him to your farmer’s market, oyster roast, house party, county Democratic committee meeting, whatever.

    6.  Send more money.