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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 29.

*Democrats say Allen campaign is targeting its tracker (see the new video by DPVA on this subject)

*Sen. Edd Houck targeted by group aiming to advance ‘Christian worldview’

*Tim Kaine opposes Obama plan to raise capital gains tax

*Arlington, Fairfax bringing streetcars back to life

*Lawmakers ask Pentagon to slow move of employees to Mark Center

*Va. seeks mental health changes

*Bachmann delivers evangelical message at Liberty University

*Jeff’s Notes: Republican takeover?

*McDonnell edges into GOP veepstakes

*Fred Thompson endorses Allen for U.S. Senate

*GOP warns defense cuts could harm Hampton Roads

*State Senate candidate rallies Amherst crowd, with support from Cuccinelli

*Cuccinelli intends to file suit over Net regulations (here we go again…ugh)

*Opposition grows in Virginia to migrant worker pay increase

*Strasburg strikes out 10 in Nats’ final game (I’m very much looking forward to next season for the Nationals, this is a team on the rise!)

P.S. I grew up an Orioles (AL) and Mets (NL) fan. I always rooted against the Red Sox (unless they played the Yankees, in which case it was a tough call). So, let’s just say, Miles and I are probably feeling a bit differently today about what happened last night at the hands of…yep, the Orioles. 🙂


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