Fairfax Sheriff Agrees with Janet Oleszek: John Cook is Wrong


    How many gaffes and misstatements can Tea Party/Kookinelli favorite John Cook make before Braddock District voters yell, “enough!?!” If he keeps up his fast pace of debate screwups, and also of blowing off his constituents (Arab Americans last night), it might not be very long.


    Issue was raised by community at 2nd Braddock District debate this weekend

    Today, Janet Oleszek and Fairfax County Sheriff Stan Barry jointly announced their plans to cut the overgrown medians in Braddock District through the community labor force. The community labor force is non violent inmates from the Fairfax County Detention Center that are available to work on government property.

    Janet Oleszek met with Sheriff Barry to discuss the use of the community labor force to address these problems in the Braddock District. “I have always had a great relationship with Janet and would be happy to work with her on this project” said Barry. “The use of inmate labor saves money for the taxpayers and improves the community”.

    “Our first priority in Fairfax County should be keeping our community safe,” Janet Oleszek remarked.  “I will make the expansion of this program a top priority of my office in the next budget“.  Oleszek also noted that the unmaintained roadways were “unattractive and make us appear to be a community in decline”.


    More Information

    At this weekend’s debate, after Janet Oleszek noted that the tight Fairfax County budgets had led to the roads not being maintained through this program, John Cook said that this was only a state responsibility.  In fact, the Fairfax County Sheriff’s office had performed these duties when Sharon Bulova was the Supervisor of Braddock District. Since 2003 the Fairfax County Sheriff’s office has been a “Authorized Agent of VDOT”.

    Stan Barry is the Democratic nominee for a 4th term as Sheriff this November.  In his previous elections, Stan has won every precinct in the Braddock District in each of his elections, even as a challenger.

    Janet Oleszek is the Democratic nominee for Braddock District Supervisor.  In 2007 as the Democratic nominee for the Senate of Virginia, she carried 57% of the vote in the Braddock District precincts included in her district.


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