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Obama Administration launches the White House Petition System


We the PeopleOne of my major complaints with the Obama Administration (and to be fair just about every politician on the planet) is that they don’t always listen to the people they represent.  I’m hopeful that the new petition system released last week by the White House will help remedy that problem.  As a test, I created my own petition last night: http://wh.gov/4vm.

There are still some problems with the system and engineers are working through known issues, but I love to see this type of technology in place.  A major issue is that the search functionality isn’t returning my petition no matter what keywords you use, so for now you’ve got to use the link I provided ( http://wh.gov/4vm ).

Another problem is that when you register, the link you follow in the email sends you to a “coming soon” page, but does in fact register you.  So it works but unfortunately you aren’t alerted properly.

Please check out the site, create your own petition, and support the petitions you agree with.  I’ve found quite a few great ideas and have been made aware of issues I would have otherwise been oblivious to.  I really think this could be a game changer in politics and is a glimpse into the future.

I would also suggest that this blog feature some of the petitions and help get people talking about important issues – and our government listening.

Since I also need to promote my petition (you can’t after all search for it) here is a shameless plug as to what it is about: We believe the Obama Administration should expand the 401(k) program to include principal payments on home mortgages.

Sign here http://wh.gov/4vm

Please spread news about the system via Twitter or you favorite social media method.  Let the White House web admins know what you think as well: http://twitter.com/#!/search?q…

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