Over here in VA HOD-99: Talking with the Tea Party


    Last week, Nick Smith, the Democratic candidate for VA HOD-99, spoke to a Northern Neck Tea Party group at their monthly meeting in Lively!!??!?!?!

    Now you might ask why a Democratic candidate is talking with the Tea Party?  And the answer is:  Why not?  One of Nick’s strengths is that he wants to represent all the 99th and he feels it’s important that he listen to what everyone has to say — and that they listen to him.  (And when was the last time a Republican spoke to a group of Democrats, or union members, or NAACP, or . . . )

    Here are some comments on what happened:

    1.  The Tea Party folks recognized that Nick, in spite of being a Democrat, is not the Devil’s spawn.

    2.  Some of them did a double-take when they discovered that Nick’s wife is African-American.  Then everyone had a fine time.

    3.  Several of the Tea Party folks indicated — loudly — their dissatisfaction with Republican candidate Margaret Ransone.  A few of these said they would think seriously about voting for Nick and quite a few said they likely would sit out the election — they can’t vote for a Democrat but they are very unhappy with Ransone.

    4. They listened intently and asked serious questions about Nick’s technology-jobs-training center concept for the Northern Neck.

    5.  Nick received hearty — and I think, sincere — applause and thanks for speaking to them.

    Hell didn’t freeze over here in the 99th as a result of the Nick Smith – Tea Party meeting,but I’m convinced we have a STRONG candidate who may have taken a bite out of his opponent’s support.

    Nick will be at the Northumberland County Library on Highway 360 in Heathsville on Wednesday evening — I forget the time but it may be 7:00 PM.


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