Phil Puckett Shows Why Dems Reluctant to Support Senate Caucus


    I was listening to some Northern Virginia Democrats a while back about where to give money this year. Someone suggested giving to the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus and letting them divvy it up to the most worthy candidates.

    President Barack Obama has also played a central role in this campaign. Puckett, a lifelong Democrat, says billboards like this one distort the truth.

    PUCKETT: “He doesn’t listen to me, and quite frankly he wasn’t my choice for the Democratic nomination.”

    LIGHT: “I don’t know how it would be unfair to link you to a man you opened campaign offices for, openly endorsed, and campaigned for.”

    PUCKETT: “It’s very clear to me that the administration does not support the coal industry in a way that’s beneficial to our area. So, I don’t plan to support President Obama for re-election.”

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