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Oleszek Endorsed by Fairfax Education Assoc.; Cook Fundraises with Anti-Education Governor


There’s a stark contrast here: 1) on the one hand, a dedicated and effective advocate for public education in Fairfax and beyond (that would be Janet Oleszek); 2) on the other hand, a Tea Party/Kookinelli favorite (that would be John Cook) who’s busy fundraising with a governor who’s slashed education funding – and hinted at more to come.  If you care about public education, the choice here couldn’t be clearer: Janet Oleszek for Braddock District Supervisor!

Governor McDonnell Comes to Fairfax To Fundraise For John Cook

Oleszek demands to know John Cook’s position on McDonnell’s cuts to public education

Tonight- Governor Bob McDonnell is hosting a high dollar ($500-$5,000) fundraiser for Supervisor John Cook.

In response Janet Oleszek- endorsed this week by the Fairfax Education Association– released the following statement:

Governor Bob McDonnell has spent his first two years in office cutting state support for public education and making local taxpayers in Fairfax pick up the bill.  In 2010, Governor McDonnell called for $730 million in public education cuts- before eventually winning $646 million in cuts.  Earlier this year, Governor McDonnell called for another $50 million in cuts to public education as well as announcing a $140 million dollar sales tax diversion that Politifact reported would have almost certainly come from public schools.  

Yesterday the Governor attended the State Board of Education meeting and hinted at even more potential cuts to come next year.

John Cook needs to put our Fairfax County Public Schools first- not himself.  I call on him to reject any money raised from this event until the Governor will pledge no more cuts to public education in his upcoming budget.


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