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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 25.

*Records illuminate Senate hopeful Allen’s energy connections (Better late than never for the Post; I reported on this in December 2010!)

*Bay’s restoration makes environmental, economic sense

*Jeff E. Schapiro: Farrell takes to the political stage

*Braddock District Debate Turns Heated (see the video I shot to the right; since when does the debate host and timekeeper — in this case Republican/Cook supporter Denny D’Alelio — call one of the candidates in the debate a “jerk” in the middle of the debate?!?)

*Live Blog: Cook, Oleszek and Campbell Debate

*Bulova for Fairfax chairman

*How would you use $1 billion to create jobs for the poor?

*Justin Verlander: Goochland pitching star now ‘King of Detroit’

*Virginia Beach candidates get set for quick campaign

*Alito in Va. for Regent University private event (Alito at Regent? Why is this not surprising?)

*Dismal Swamp still burns despite rain

*Senator Mark Warner: Region Needs New Potomac River Bridge (absolutely, 100% wrong – this will only lead to more sprawl, environmental destruction, gasoline consumption, and pollution; the answer is transit and smart growth)

*Tysons Corner: The building of an American city


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