Well, bless her heart


    So this is the level of silliness and irrelevance to which much of American politics has sunk.

    Everyone remember Krystal Ball?  The young lady from King George County who won the VA-01 Democratic nomination to run against Rob Wittman by rigging the party caucuses in the district’s big counties?

    Turns out she now:

    — Has moved out of the district.  Out of the state, even.

    — Is a “pundit” on MSNBC.

    — Is working on a novel about her experiences.

    The term “airhead” comes to mind.

    The WashPost recently did a fluff piece on her.


    Let’s see — some of this sounds familiar:  failed candidate; no real qualifications to start with; makes a good speech; now has a gig on a cable channel.  What’s next — a reality show on Discovery channel: “Krystal Ball’s Northern Neck” in which she hunts deer and hauls in a menhaden catch?  

    Here’s a selection from the WashPost article:

    Primed for punditry

    Waiting for a recent appearance on Ratigan’s show, Ball sat in a narrow, black-walled room staring at a camera and a blinking red light. Behind her was the primary reason multiple networks rent space at 400 North Capitol Street: a window with a picture-perfect view of the Capitol dome.

    After her campaign ended, Ball appeared several times on Fox, often as the Democrat on a panel filled with Republicans. She also went on CNN. Now she has a paid deal with MSNBC and is essentially on call for that network.


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