Again No-Show Joe (Yost) Thumbs His Nose at Citizens


    It is getting old.  For the fifth time, the third in as many days, Joseph Yost has failed to show for a candidate forum. There’s more to running and serving than citing your family pedigree/geneology). Citizens have a right to be able to compare/contrast the candidates wanting to represent them. He also clearly cannot stand side-by-side with Don Langrehr and present his views.

    At the same time, despite Yost’s deficiencies as a candidate, amazingly, he appears to be getting cocky about his McDonnell-Howell financial (puppet) windfall. He apparently believes he owes the citizens nothing, not even the respect of showing up.

    Yesterday I wrote about how this young man doesn’t even understand Virginia government. But he says he is a “quick study.” If so, why isn’t he up to speed already then?  The truth is that Joseph Yost who’s barely been president of the local Young Republicans for a significant length of time, is unfit to represent the 12th District as a voting member of the House of Delegates. Let the buyer (and the voter) beware. BTW, Guess who else is missing? Take a look below the fold…

    In this second photo, you can see that two seats are vacant. That’s right, No-Show Joe (Yost) was joined by No-Show Dave Nutter. Here’s the photo:


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