Bob McDonnell Can’t Have His Budget Cake and Eat It Too


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    The Richmond Times DispatchWashington Post, and Roanoke Times are reporting a 3.9 percent increase in state revenue in September despite the growing income gap amongst Virginians. Governor Bob McDonnell is continuing his bogus budget claims while simultaneously pushing further ideological cuts in funding.

    Progressive Point: Governor McDonnell wants to have it both ways: touting Virginia’s recovering economy while justifying more draconian budget cuts with slow economic growth. Virginia’s economy is slowly getting back on its feet but ordinary Virginians are still feeling the pain. Virginia’s income gap is rapidly growing but instead of supporting struggling Virginians, Governor McDonnell is insisting on more cuts to vital services like education and public safety. We cannot continue to balance the budget on the backs of educators, nurses, and firefighters, while pushing our obligations off onto struggling localities. We can’t cut our way to prosperity. Virginians want a balanced approach that prioritizes investment in our future to get our economy back on track.

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    Get the Facts:
    McDonnell is asking state agencies to prepare for even more budget cuts, even proposing cuts to programs that receiving matching federal funds, essentially doubling the loss of funding for some vital services. (Washington Times)

    States that have cut the most spending over the past years have lost the most jobs. (Center for American Progress)

    When the state doesn’t fulfill its obligations, it passes the buck to localities. Localities, in turn, are faced with tough choices between cutting services or raising taxes to compensate for the state’s irresponsibility. (The Virginian-Pilot)


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