Brennan Opponents Beyond Surreal


    Paul Goldman recently pointed out on Blue Virginia what a strong candidate Democrat Connie Brennan is in the race for the 59th District House of Delegates seat. Breaking news gives us even more proof that she is the only viable candidate running for retiring Republican Watkins Abbitt’s open seat.

    Brennan’s campaign has released proof that her main opponent, Republican Matt Farriss, not only has a police record of misdemeanor convictions for drunk driving, illegal hunting, and gun charges, but in 2002 he also had a protective order sworn out against him by a Lynchburg woman who told police Farriss had broken “through her back door to gain entry into her house when she told him to leave. History of violence.” As if that isn’t enough against Farriss, he also has been involved in several civil law suits stemming from his business activities and alleged failure to pay bills.

    The third person in this race is even worse than Farriss. Linda Wall, a tea party type, made the front page of the Huffington Post today for her admission that when she was a junior high school gym teacher in the 1970’s, she became involved in a lesbian relationship with a student and  was forced to resign her position. Note that the student was 13 to 14 years old. Since that time, Wall asserts, she has become a fundamentalist Christian and has given up drugs and homosexuality.

    The 59th District is one of the most Republican in the state, but this situation is beyond ridiculous. Voters have the choice of a squeaky clean candidate in Connie Brennan, a nurse and mother who has served Nelson County on the school baord and the county board of supervisors and is the obvious choice for anyone who has a brain. The contrast with the other two couldn’t be any starker. Will voters pick Connie Brennan, or will they opt for the habitual scofflaw or the supposedly-reformed sexual predator who could still face a felony conviction if her victim comes forward to press charges? I can’t believe that there would be any other choice for voters except Connie Brennan. That is, unless voters in the 59th have lost their minds.


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