Del. Dave Nutter Should Be Ashamed, But He Isn’t (Part 1)


    State Senator John Edwards (D-21, representing a portion of Roanoke, along with Blacksburg and Radford) has a solid statewide reputation. As some of you may recall he previously was a candidate for Attorney General.  Dave Nutter (photograph adjacent), well, doesn’t have any statewide credibiity.  John Edwards has been a first-rate senator for our area. Nutter has been a milktoast delegate. But Nutter has visions of grandeur. What to do?  So Dave Nutter is waging a phony and nasty campaign to unseat the excellent Edwards.  The excessive numbers of glossy Nutter mailings are piled high and deep with BS. From the candidate from the party of NO, which would do anything but help along this economy (i.e. grow jobs) Dave Nutter would have you believe that he is actually a jobs candidate, as if any Republican running in America in 2011-12 is. Then Nutter sends a mailing saying this:

    “If you thought your job is safe, guess again.  No job is safe with John Edwards in the Virginia Senate.”

    And this:

    “State Senator John Edwards is just plain scary.” (grainy photo included)

    Nutter’s mailing even calls the glossy piece of garbage a “special report.” Note the mailing is paid for by the Republican Party of Virginia, but is authorized by Dave Nutter himself. I guess he’s been so abysmal in debates that he thinks he has to resort to this kind of garbage. In short, John Edwards cleans his clock.  

    There is more below the fold…

    Nutter surely knows that, in this economy, it doesn’t hit more profoundly than the threat of job loss. And that makes his scaremongering and demagoguery all the more more vile. It takes real gall, a total lack of ethics, and/or an empty-suited bull-slinger, to make such a statement while at the same time, claiming he is the second coming of job creation. More on this claim later.

    Dave Nutter spent nearly all his professional life in organizational communications and media relations, including at Virginia Tech. But in recent years, he “became” (as by a wave of a magic wand an “economic development coordinator.” Don’t ask me how he is now an economic development specialist when he’s spent most his career in pr/media/communications.  This is too convenient. Here’s his VT bio. Contrast this bio to the one at linked above.  Quite a difference between this and the bio, huh?

    So now, according to Va Tech’s website, he gives workshops.  He tells localities how to bring “tourism” jobs (i.e., minimum wage jobs). Thanks, Dave.  And, get this, he helps localities get grants (of GOVERNMENT money)!  Yep. That’s my personal favorite: The candidate who is now trying to woo the anti-government Tea Party makes his living in part by showing people how to get “gubment” dollars. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Stay tuned.  I will have more to say on Nutter’s shoddy putdown of John Edwards and just who is the jobs candidate in Part 2 of this blog. It’s more than duplicitous to be from the Party of NO, the Party of NO JOBS and the Obstruct-the-Recovery Party (so they can make President Obama appear to “fail”) and claim (as both Nutter and the Know-Nothing Joseph Yost (in our HoD race here) do, that they are jobs candidates.  It would be laughable if it weren’t so serious a subject and so painful for so many. And because it is such a serious subject, Dave Nutter ought to be ashamed.  But he (obviously) is not.  

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