Can’tor caught in a lie and running scared


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    As you know, Rep. Cantor rarely holds public meetings and it’s clear that he cares a lot more about meeting with his wealthy donors and corporate lobbyists, than hearing the concerns of his constituents. So yesterday Virginia Organizing members drove 300 miles to Philadelphia to attend a protest outside where Rep. Cantor was speaking at the at the University of Pennsylvania.


    After getting word that he would be greeted with 500 protesters, Rep. Cantor abruptly canceled the speaking engagement at the last minute.

    Rep. Cantor refused to speak at an event because the audience was not hand picked and he would have to deal with people he previously deemed “a mob.” He skirted his obligation as one of the highest-ranking members of Congress to deal with all Americans, not just the ones who agree with him. And then he lied about his reasons for canceling the event.

    Rep. Cantor claimed that UPENN changed the attendance policy of the event and opened it to the public at the last minute.

    This is simply not true.

    UPENN spokesperson Ron Ozio said in a statement that Wharton’s speaker series is “typically open to the general public, and that is how the event with Majority Leader Cantor was billed. We very much regret if there was any misunderstanding with the Majority Leader’s office on the staging of his presentation.”

    Regardless of Rep. Cantor’s reasoning for avoiding the other 99 percent, we know we have him running scared.

    Dee in Philly: Where is Cantor?

    Virginia Organizing Leader and Rep. Cantor constituent Dee Jacobson spoke for many constituents who want Rep. Cantor to stop playing politics and support the American Jobs Act, “Rep. Cantor has spent the last several weeks killing the American Jobs Act which would create thousands of jobs in Virginia and millions of jobs nationwide. Instead of working on jobs, he’s attacking the Occupy Wall Street protesters, restricting women’s reproductive rights and denying disaster aid to his own district.

    “Rep. Cantor broke his promise to work on jobs just like he broke his promise to speak in Philadelphia today. We need jobs in Virginia, in Pennsylvania and in every state in the nation!  But the only job Rep. Cantor seems to care about is his own.”


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