Caren Merrick Goes Big-Time Negative Against Barbara Favola


    I figured the attack mailers were coming from Republican Caren Merrick against Democrat Barbara Favola here in the 31st State Senate District race, the only question was “when.” Now, you all know I’m not the biggest Barbara Favola fan in the world, but of course I would never in a million years support an anti-choice, anti-GLBT-equality, anti-government, anti-environment, phony “moderate” Republican like Caren Merrick. Also, I’ve gotta say, the attacks that Merrick‘s now launching against Favola are utterly ridiculous; essentially, they’re attacks on Arlington and on Democrats in general, as none of the votes/actions cited here were controversial in any way in (despite the Merrick mailer’s absurdly slanted characterizations of those votes and actions). Of all things, Barbara Favola most certainly is not “extreme,” but entirely “mainstream” for the values of this district (and, I’d add, no different on the issues that Jay Fisette, Chris Zimmerman, Mary Hynes, Walter Tejada, Patrick Hope, Mary Margaret Whipplet, etc.). Despite what Caren Merrick hysterically claims. Check out out the mailer, and as usual, click to “embiggen.”

    Also, please see the “flip” for more politics-as-usual, Republican ridiculousness by Caren Merrick, wherein Merrick claims that Favola‘s “throwing mud” by pointing out the truth (see ArlNow for scans of the Favola mailers) — that Merrick is against a woman’s right to choose, per her own admission. How exactly can it be “mud,” or “negative,” of Favola to mention it if Merrick‘s proud of her stance on the issue? Answer: it can’t.

    Finally, I’ve got to wonder, given that Merrick‘s been putting up a heck of a lot of signs in median strips and sending out a heck of a lot of mailers: does she really think she can win this solidly blue district, or is this all just being done in hopes of sucking up Democratic money and other resources in Arlington, so that they can’t be used elsewhere? My guess is the latter, particularly since Merrick hasn’t gone on broadcast TV, which she clearly can afford to do (and would, you’d think, if the race were within striking distance).


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