Facing a Rising Challenger, Comstock Looks to Mississippi as Model for Northern Virginia


    You’ve heard what Barbara Comstock has been up to on the national stage, thanks to Lowell’s fine blogging, see https://bluevirginia.us/showDia…

    But did you know what Comstock’s been up to right here in the Commonwealth? Thanks to Pamela Danner’s campaign we’re beginning to learn, and it isn’t a pretty picture. Comstock just brought the governor of one of the states with the worst quality of life — Haley Barbour of Mississippi — here to Northern VA to fundraise for her. See the following press release.

    Facing a Rising Challenger, Comstock Looks to Mississippi as Model for Northern Virginia


    October 3, 2011 – 2:00pm

    Comstock welcomes Governor with disastrous record on education, health and quality of life

    McLean, VA – Tonight Delegate Barbara Comstock is having a fundraiser with the Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, in Washington, D.C.  While it’s not unusual for Del. Comstock to look to conservative national Republicans and the Tea Party to raise the money she needs, to distract voters from her out-of-touch record, she has chosen a Governor who runs a state with some of the lowest performance measures on quality of life issues.  

    “The voters of the 34th House District should be concerned by the fact that Barbara Comstock is looking to a Mississippi Governor with such an abysmal record on education, health care and economic competitiveness for support,” said Pamela Danner, nominee for the 34th House of Delegates District.  “My campaign and ideas are driven not by national ideologues, but by contributions from the people in the communities I am running to serve.  These are the families I rely on during my campaign and they will be the families I represent in Richmond, working every day to make Virginia a model that Mississippi and states across the country will emulate.”

    The State of Mississippi ranks last in high school graduation rate, per capita income, overall health and children in poverty, among other measures.  

    Yesterday Pamela Danner also launched www.comstockvotes.com to call attention to Barbara Comstock’s extreme voting record which runs contrary to the interests and priorities of Northern Virginia and her constituents. See www.ComstockVotes.com  and Comstock’s Dirty Dozen http://comstockvotes.com/dirty… for details.


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