Fairfax Police Endorse Janet Oleszek for Braddock District Supervisor!


    There are no two ways about this one (see press release from the Oleszek campaign: below), it’s a HUGE endorsement for Janet Oleszek. That the Fairfax Police, arguably the most respected organization in Fairfax County (along with the firefighters and Fairfax Sheriff Stan Barry, who have also endorsed Janet), and a group which endorsed Republican Ken Cuccinelli (over Janet Oleszek) in 2007, has now endorsed Janet Oleszek over Republican John Cook, speaks volumes. For one thing, it demonstrates how much Janet’s improved as a candidate since 2007. It also, as the endorsement states, stems from their confidence in  Janet being “exactly right on the current issues facing the police department.”

    Finally, I’d just add that although this endorsement is entirely positive FOR Janet, the subtext is that the Fairfax Police are clearly expressing their LACK of confidence in the incumbent Braddock District Supervisor, John Cook. That’s got to be painful for Cook, as well it should be. So sad for John Cook, so great for Janet Oleszek! 🙂


    Oleszek sweeps endorsements from Police, Firefighters and the Fairfax Sheriff

    Janet Oleszek is proud to announce the endorsement of the Fairfax Coalition of Police (Local 5000).  In response she issued the following statement:

    “Fairfax County Police are known nationwide for their accomplishments and I am thrilled to accept their endorsement of my campaign.  The next Supervisor in Braddock District must be committed to public safety- especially as we consider the budget.  Supervisor Cook has voted against public safety when he has voted against Fairfax County’s budget.”

    Mike Scanlon, President of Local 5000 made the following statement:

    “We were proud to endorse Janet Oleszek, who has always been a friend of public safety.  Janet is exactly right on the current issues facing the police department.  Police spend their years on the force building relationships in the community that help us solve crimes and keep the public safe.  We need a Supervisor who understands the importance of protecting the promises Fairfax has made to our police with their compensation and pension.  Otherwise we will continue to lose officers to other law enforcement agencies, costing the taxpayers millions in new training.”


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