GOP Candidate to Gay Forum: Maybe God Punk’d You?


    Tim McGhee, GOP candidate in Virginia’s 30th State Senate district, delivered a doozy of a closing address at the Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance annual candidate forum last night. A snippet from the recording first reported by Not Larry Sabato:

    For some of you here this evening, your frustrations go way beyond a state senate candidate. Some of you are beyond frustrated with God right now. Some of you refuse to believe in him altogether. You’ve asked the question or perhaps given up asking a long time ago, “Why? Why would God make me who I am and then tell me that’s wrong?”

    May I put a question before you tonight? What if that’s exactly what God did? What if that’s exactly what God had to do to fully demonstrate who he is?

    Maybe God is like a big, cackling Ashton Kutcher, ready to send his son back to Earth for the second coming with the message to gays, “You just got Punk’d“?

    Look, Tim McGhee is a strange dude and I hope after he gets trounced by Adam Ebbin we never hear from him again. But this is our annual reminder that Republicans have made the conscious choice to become a fringe party in Northern Virginia. Republicans in places like Arlington & Alexandria like to play the victim and blame their terrible track record on those big, bad Democrats for being mean to them. But nominees like this send the message loud & clear that Republicans will not moderate their extreme ideology one bit to appeal to Northern Virginia voters. Republicans are sticking with anti-tax, anti-health care, anti-transportation solutions, anti-financial regulation, anti-environment, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT no matter how many elections it costs them.


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