Audio of Raving Homophobic Republican at Arlington Gay and Lesbian Forum


    I heard about this bizarre anti-gay rant by Republican State Senate candidate Tim McGhee (R, of course!) last night from several people who attended the AGLA gay-and-lesbian-focused candidates forum in Arlington (I was right next door, watching the movie “Gasland”). I almost couldn’t believe it, but NLS has the audio, so it’s true. This is the raving homophobe the clueless Kaplan Post called a “moderate” in its otherwise correct endorsement of Adam Ebbin for the 30th State Senate district seat.

    Making the Post’s (actually, it’s just one guy who makes the endorsements – long-time foreign correspondent Lee Hockstader, who doesn’t cover Virginia or apparently know almost anything about Virginia politics) error even more egregious, they also managed to miss McGhee’s Facebook page — where McGhee clearly states his absolutist opposition to abortion, even in the cases of rape or incest, as well as to embryonic stem cell research and gay marriage — and also failed to attend debates and forums where McGhee’s clearly stated his Cuccinelli-style views. Of course, since I haven’t seen any Post reporters at Northern Virginia debates this cycle (I do see reporters from the Patch newspapers, ArlNow, the Sun Gazette, the Washington Times, blogs, etc.), it’s not surprising that they (and when I say “they,” again I mean “Lee Hockstader”) missed all of this. Anyhoo…

    P.S. Why on earth would a rabid homophobe even attend a GLBT forum in the first place, when even he admitted he was not there for their votes? Apparently, to try and save their souls…check out the transcript. Also, as for the saving souls part, it apparently runs in the family.

    P.P.S. In a warped kind of way, it’s too bad McGhee has ZERO chance of winning this race, he would have fit in so well with the other raving Republican homophobes in Richmond (e.g., “Sideshow Bob” Marshall, Todd Gilbert, Mark Obenshain, John Watkins, Ken Kookinelli…). (snark) Of course, McGhee already fits in fine with raving Republican candidates like Dick Black, Jeff Frederick, and numerous others, so at least he has that consolation. Heh.


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