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GOP’s Income Inequality Spokesman: Millionaire Eric Cantor


Rep. Eric CantorFrom the International Business Times via TPM:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., who has had plenty of criticism for the Occupy Wall Street protesters, plans to address this week an issue that the 99 percent movement has made the central part of their platform: income inequality.

Cantor is scheduled to speak Friday at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where he’ll discuss income disparity and what the GOP believes government’s role should be in fixing it. An aide for Cantor told Politico that the speech will address how lawmakers in Washington can help average citizens such as single mothers and small business owners, as well as “how we can make sure the people at the top stay there.”

The Virginia congressman has said some Occupy Wall Street protesters — as well as the Democrats who support them — are essentially pitting “Americans against Americans,” something he’s trying to distance Republicans from by emphasizing how Americans can all “work together” to solve the nation’s economic problems. However, it was only last month that many congressional Republicans used the term “class warfare” to attack a move by the Obama administration to increase taxes on millionaires.

According to OpenSecrets.org, Rep. Cantor’s net worth on his most recent disclosure form in 2009 was between $2.2 million & $7.5 million. And Cantor didn’t pull himself up by his bootstraps – working for his dad’s real estate firm is his only private-sector job that I’m aware of. Between Rep. Cantor and top GOP presidential candidate & member of the top 1% Mitt “Middle Class” Romney, could President Obama ask for better examples of how the GOP is part of the problem?


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