GOTP 2012 ticket: Romney-McDonnell


     Romney-McDonnell 2012.

    Why Romney?  Because:

    — He has much greater national appeal than the Seven (or 8 or 9 or whatever it is) Dwarfs that surround him.  

    — Lots of swing voters nationally will go for Romney, no way they’ll go for Cain, Perry, or any of the other GOTP midgets.

    Why McDonnell?  Because:

    — He’ll bring Pat Robertson into the fold; ol’ Pat will give Romney the Mormon his blessing and that will quiet some of the “Romney’s not a Christian” noise.

    — He can bring Virginia with him and the GOTP needs Virginia.  While you and I may not think much of McDonnell, he won 59-41 and he can call in a lot of markers from Virginia Republicans who will campaign for him.

    — He’ll draw the “Christian” vote nationwide.

    Whether Romney-McDonnell can defeat Obama remains to be seen.  Romney is polling well nationwide against Obama but it’s a long way to November 2008.  I just wish we could do something about Slow Joe the VP.


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