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Kaine Campaign Rolls Out Fully Bilingual Website with Cutting Edge Mobile Features


Check out the Kaine campaign website, now fully bilingual and also optimized for mobile devices. From what I understand, this website will be one of the only campaign sites in the country that are this cutting edge. That’s impressive. Also, more to the point, given the rapidly increasing percentage of people who access electronic information via mobile devices, and given that websites can be often difficult to read if they aren’t optimized for mobile use, the Kaine campaign definitely is smart for moving in this direction.

P.S. In contrast, George Allen’s website remains stuck in the past (like its candidate), with no bilingual capability  and not optimized for the iPhones, etc. Why am I not surprised?

P.P.S. I almost forgot to mention, the new Kaine website will give his campaign a significant edge over the Allen campaign in building its email lists and online networks. On the other hand, George Allen will always have…well…uh…oh forget it.

UPDATE: See the Kaine campaign press release on the “flip.”

UPDATE #2: A statement en espanol is on the “flip.”

Today we launched a brand new campaign website at KaineForVA.com, and I wanted you to be among the first to see it.  Our new site is a testament to the early investment you’ve made in this campaign — and I hope you’ll be as excited about it as I am.

KaineforVA.com is more than a place to learn about Governor Kaine — it’s going to be a central hub to reach out to new constituencies and interact with voters through fresh and engaging technologies.

Click here to take a look at the new website, KaineForVA.com. And make sure to check it out on your phone!

In addition to harnessing the power of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that have become essential parts of any modern political campaign, our new site has a couple of features that put us a cut above the rest.

*Mobile.  Check out our site on an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, and you’ll notice that it looks totally different. With more Americans using smart phones every day, our new mobile site will help us reach them.  Nearly 60% of smart phone users won’t return to a mobile site if it is difficult to use — our investment in a mobile site will bring supporters back to our site time and time again.  Also, look for a series of mobile ads we are launching today — they will help us to reach more supporters.

*Español.  Virginia’s Hispanic population has nearly doubled in the past decade.  In an effort to communicate with members of the community who may be English language learners, we’ve deployed a Spanish version of the website.  Governor Kaine is fluent in Spanish, and we want to make sure we’re reaching out to native Spanish speakers, both on- and offline, who call Virginia home.

I hope that you’ll take a moment now to look at our new website, KaineForVA.com.

Individuals like you are one of our campaign’s greatest assets.  Whether you use your smart phone to read emails and surf the net, prefer Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch, or turn to your PC to read news updates, our campaign is going to be where you are.

The Governor and I would love to hear what you think — and we’ll be looking for your comments on Twitter and Facebook later today.


Mike Henry

Kaine for Virginia


Richmond, VA – Hoy, Kaine para Virginia dio a conocer una nueva, moderna y completa página web en español y una de las primeras páginas web de campaña móviles completamente funcionales del ciclo del 2012 en KaineForVA.com.

Estas nuevas e interesantes herramientas servirán como un eje central para interactuar con los votantes y llegar a nuevos grupos. Los visitantes podrán acceder a noticias de la campaña, así como a fotos y videos de las diferentes actividades de campaña. Además, los seguidores pueden interactuar con el gobernador Tim Kaine, personal de la campaña y entre sí a través de diferentes plataformas de redes sociales como Facebook, Twitter y Google +.

“Estoy muy contento con el gran apoyo que nuestra campaña ha recibido en estos primeros meses”, dijo el gobernador Kaine. “El nuevo sitio web y el sitio móvil nos permitirán una comunicación más frecuente y efectiva con nuestros simpatizantes, así como atraer a un grupo diverso de nuevos adeptos a nuestra campaña.”

Reconociendo que un número creciente de personas en Virginia se enteran de las noticias por dispositivos móviles, la aplicación móvil de Kaine para Virginia proporciona acceso a todas las actualizaciones de la campaña, blogs, vídeo y a contenido web que está disponible en la versión principal del sitio. Además, los usuarios pueden registrarse para recibir actualizaciones por correo electrónico, completar un formulario para ser voluntarios o hacer donaciones a la campaña en cualquier momento utilizando la aplicación.

El anuncio de hoy es el esfuerzo más reciente de Kaine para Virginia para asegurar que cada persona en Virginia tenga la oportunidad de escuchar directamente al gobernador Kaine, expresando sus ideas para la creación de empleos, el crecimiento económico, la responsabilidad fiscal y la necesidad de un mayor consenso en Washington.


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