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Kaine Campaign Spokeswoman: We’ve Done Events with President Obama, Will Do More


You probably saw/heard the news stories this morning that Tim Kaine will not be appearing with President Obama during his bus tour of Virginia. This seemed to kickstart the meme that Kaine was distancing himself from Obama. Well, according to Tim Kaine for Senate campaign spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine on her Twitter feed, that’s simply not the case. According to Hoffine: “Gov Kaine was w/POTUS @UofR just few weeks ago, will do other events w/him just as we imagine our opponent will do w/R nominee.” Also, see the following statement. Clearly, Tim Kaine is NOT distancing himself in any way, shape or form from President Obama. Good to see, and I hope to see other Democrats not caving to ridiculous Republican’t attacks and standing by their party, their principles, and their president.

Statement from Kaine for Virginia Spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine

Governor Kaine was happy to attend the President’s event last month at the University of Richmond and we fully expect him to attend other events with the President throughout this election cycle, just as we expect our opponent will appear with the eventual Republican nominee for President. However, Governor Kaine won’t be able to join the President on this visit as he has a full schedule of events in Northern Virginia, including events for legislative candidates who are up for election in a couple of weeks, which could not be rescheduled.

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