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Loudoun Times-Mirror Endorsements: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


The Loudoun Times-Mirror (LTM) has issued a series of endorsements, and it has people – myself included – scratching their heads. Between the LTM, the Kaplan Post (aka, “long-time foreign correspondent Lee Hockstader”), and the ever-bizarre Sun Gazette (a right-wing real estate rag that hates liberals, environmentalists, and Democrats in general, yet endorses only Democrats this cycle? Huh?!?), I’m just about at the point of urging everyone to completely ignore dead-tree-media endorsements. Except that, despite themselves, sometimes they actually make a lot of sense. With that, here’s my “good, bad and ugly” list for the LTM endorsements (note: I’m skipping the School Board and Constitutional Officers, as I’m not sufficiently familiar with those races to weigh in)

1. Board of Supervisors

*Good: Andrea McGimsey, who has done a great job overall, particularly as a strong proponent of environmental protection and smart growth, most definitely deserves to be reelected. Malcolm Baldwin (a smart growth advocate) is also a good pick, as are Jim Burton and Kelly Burk, who’s running against a dangerous buffoon.

*Bad: All the Republicans (except for Eugene Delgaudio, who’s in his own category altogether). If their party controls the Loudoun County board, it will be bad news for the environment and a lot of other things progressives care about.

*Ugly: How the h*** can anyone with any sanity endorse a raving, homophobic wackjob like Eugene Delgaudio? Have these people lost their minds, or is it more insidious than that? Either way, this endorsement of the utterly deplorable Delgaudio frankly calls into question all the rest of the LTM’s endorsements, even when they are good ones. Pathetic.

2. House of Delegates

*Good: Democrats Mike Kondratick and Pamela Danner will both make superb delegates if/when voters are smart enough to elect them. In contrast, Kondratick’s opponent is your standard-issue teahadist (if that’s your cup of “tea” then go for it!), while Danner’s opponent Barbara Comstock is both abysmal and also dangerous, as she is extremely ambitious and hopes to succeed Rep. Frank Wolf someday soon. Defeat her now!

*Bad: I’d put all the Republicans the LTM endorsed in the “bad” category, although Jim LeMunyon and his crazy REPEAL Amendment are borderline “ugly.” I urge everyone to vote for the Democratic alternative in every case.

3. State Senate

*Good: Moderate businessman Shawn Mitchell is an absolute no-brainer choice over the horrendous, bigoted, bat**** crazy Dick Black. Why is this even a contest?!? Mark Herring is also a no-brainer over the extremist (Patricia Phillips) running against him. Finally, as much as it pains me to say it, Barbara Favola (who certainly has improved as a candidate from the start of this campaign, and will be a reliable vote for the 31st Senate district) is also an easy choice over Chris “Swift Boat” LaCivita’s new pupil, Tea Party Republican Caren Merrick, who’s been doing everything she possibly can to avoid talking about social issues, environmental issues, or anything but the fact that she’s a successful businesswoman. Yeah, well so is Herman CAIN!!! LOL

*Bad: Republican Jill Holtman Vogel needs to be replaced, although sadly it doesn’t look like that will happen this cycle.

In sum, the LTM endorsements are a somewhat inexplicable hodgepodge of “good,” “bad” and “ugly.” Some would even call it a “schizophrenic mess.” What’s the underlying reason for the endorsements? Progressive? Conservative? Pro-environment? Anti-environment? Sane? Insane? What?!? You got me.


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