McDonnell Appointee “Flippin” Out, Who You Gonna Call? Tommy Norment!


    To me, the most interesting part of this story isn’t so much that a Bush and McDonnell appointee got blitzed at a William & Mary Board of Visitors meeting and ended up being “charged with public intoxication” and spending “12 hours at the [Williamsburg] jail” this past Friday. Hey, stuff happens, you know? What’s more interesting to me is that the McDonnell appointee, Laura L. Flippin, of Arlington, is represented by Sen. Tommy Norment (R), who also gets paid $100K+ to represent William & Mary as its General Counsel (Norment “used to double as counsel to the president”). Sweet.

    Also, I suppose it’s worth noting that Flippin is a big donor to conservative/”family values” types like McDonnell ($17,500 in donations), Ken Kookinelli ($2,000 in donations), and Barbara Comstock ($1,000). Ah, Republicans…nothing if not holier-than-thou hypocrites.