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Right-Wing Washington Examiner Columnist: “Yes, the GOP field is incredibly weak”


With right-wing columns like this one in the bat**** crazy Examiner, who needs progressive bloggers to point out the obvious?

…For decades, Republicans have talked a big game about reining in government, but have never delivered. Now, the nation is paying the price for their acquiescence, and we’re running out of time to change the disastrous trajectory.

It’s true that electability is a basic threshold that a Republican presidential candidate should have to meet. But given the stakes, it’s important that GOP candidates be judged not merely on whether they can beat Obama, but whether they have the qualities that will be required to confront the nation’s challenges and govern effectively if elected president.

Each Republican contender brings some attributes to the table. But together, the candidates are uninspiring, unserious, unprepared, dishonest, unreliable, inexperienced, inconsistent or ideologically malleable. Not one of them seems up to the task at hand.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. From former-liberal-now-conservative (we think) Mitt Romney flip flopping faster than an arrhythmic heartbeat, to neoconfederate theocratic imbecile Rick Perry pandering to birtherist insanity, to truly nasty-tasting (and nasty for your health) pizza guy Herman Cain’s bizarre statements/policies/ads/you name it, to Newt Gingrich calling for throwing people in jail for holding differing policy views, to a guy who’s last name is dangerous to Google…well, you get the picture: these people are about THE LAST people in the world you’d ever want to be president of the United States. But don’t take our word for it, listen to the voices of arch-conservatives, like Pat Robertson and now the ultra-right-wing Washington Examiner columnist. For once, we’re in 100% agreement on something, and for my part, I think that’s worth celebrating! 🙂


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