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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, October 27. Also, check out that graph to the right, and also the Congressional Budget Office report that it’s drawn from. The bottom line: since 1979, the richest Americans have gotten much much richer, with the share of national wealth falling for everyone but the richest Americans. That’s no accident, it’s the result of supply-side, trickle-down, crony capitalist economic policies under Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Now, Republican presidential candidates want to make matters much, much worse.  Why would anyone not in the top 1% vote for that?  Got me.

*Current and ex-governor helping in Virginia House races

*Anti-abortion group targets Sen. Houck

*Mitt Romney fires up volunteers in Fairfax before Virginia elections

*National GOP group donates another $550,000 to Va candidates

*Cost of fighting Great Dismal Swamp wildfires prompts discussion on operations

*Cuccinelli health care appeal left off U.S. Supreme Court calendar

*McDonnell pressed for meeting on abortion rules

*Loyola, Northam air TV ads as election approaches

*Henrico debate might be one-sided

*State Supreme Court postpones climate case

*Pro-gun group to demonstrate at Va. Tech (“The Virginia Citizens Defense League has set Nov. 17 as the date for the event on campus.”)

*A kinder, gentler Eric Cantor? (Yeah, right!)

*Romney, in Fairfax, greets GOP volunteers

*Graves: Va. Senate could be moving backward

*Allegations of violence, student-teacher relations hit 59th District hopefuls


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