Ron Villanueva a No Show for Lynnhaven River NOW Forum


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    Ron Villanueva failed to show up for a forum hosted by Lynnhaven River NOW on October 5th. He had committed to attend, but unexpectedly didn’t show.

    Lynnhaven River NOW is a grassroots environmental group focused on the health of the Lynnhaven River. As environmental issues that will impact the Lynnhaven River are hot political issues right now, missing this forum calls into question whether or not Ron Villanueva, the Republican who introduced the bill to allow offshore drilling in Virginia, considers the issues important to Lynnhaven River NOW, and others concerned about clean water, important to him.

    Villanueva’s campaign signs say “He cares. He listens. He gets results.”

    Obviously he didn’t “care” enough to “listen” to the concerns of Lynnhaven River NOW, or even “care” enough to let them know he wasn’t going to make it to the forum. With his record, it would be wise for voters to question who he’s getting these “results” for. Does he get results for the people of his district, or big corporations profiting from actions like offshore drilling or dangerous uranium mining?

    In fact, it didn’t seem like any of the Virginia Beach delegation participating in the forum were interested in really listening to Lynnhaven River NOW’s concerns, and really didn’t take those concerns seriously. Instead, they focused on the “accomplishments” of Governor Bob McDonnell…a governor who hasn’t exactly pushed Virginia in the right direction in protecting the environment or developing clean energy.

    The only candidate who genuinely seemed interested and willing to engage in the issues at the forum was Democrat Adrianne Bennett. Bennett opposes uranium mining, supports tax credits for the development of renewable energy, and will work to protect the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

    While Ron Villanueva was physically absent from the forum, his Republican friends were not exactly “there” either. We need to elect Adrianne Bennett as the next Delegate from the 21st District. She’ll be there for the people of the 21st district, and place them first.


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