Solutions vs. Rhetoric


    Mitchell Offers Real Solutions While Career Politician Black Covers Up His Record

    Ashburn, VA – Twice recently, small business owner Shawn Mitchell squared off against career politician Delegate Dick Black in a discussion about the future direction of the 13thDistrict. It is clear that Mitchell is the only candidate who will go to Richmond with real solutions to jump-start the economy and get Virginia moving forward again.

    “Dick Black spends more time running away from his record than he does offering a vision for a better future,” said Mitchell Campaign Manager Dominic Gabello. “Whether it was voting against teacher pay raises or against more seats in Virginia colleges and universities for Virginia kids, Dick Black is too extreme for Loudoun and Prince William families.

    “Black's empty campaign rhetoric on issues like transportation continue to explain why he was one of the most ineffective members of the General Assembly when voters fired him in 2005. Loudoun and Prince William families need real solutions for our transportation crisis, not pay in the sky schemes that will only pay off if Virginia posts a budget surplus.”

    A comparison between the two candidates on the issues of most importance to voters:

    Mitchell: Mitchell will work to attract high-growth, high-energy jobs. Mitchell also knows that one of the biggest problems small businesses face is their access to capital, so he proposes creating a reserve fund that will back bank loans to small businesses. Additionally, Mitchell supports worker training programs that will help unemployed workers get new skills and help them get back to work.

    Black: Only talks about reducing regulations on business but offers no plans on creating jobs or how to attract new businesses to Virginia.

    Mitchell: Mitchell supports bringing the Northern Virginia Delegation together to support a comprehensive, long-term plan to address our transportation nightmare. That plan should place an emphasis on projects that relieve the most congestion first.

    Black: Offers no comprehensive solution to our traffic crisis. Only “solution” is IF there is a budget surplus.

    Mitchell: Says we need to stop cutting K-12 and Higher Education funding, which is raising the costs on families and putting kids in trailers. Supports raising teacher pay to at least the national average so we are attracting and retaining the best teachers for our kids.

    Black: In 2004, Black voted against an additional $250 million in higher education funding in the bi-partisan Warner budget. In 2005, Black voted against a bill that would guarantee more seats for Virginia students at state Colleges and Universities. Additionally, in the Committee of 100 debate, Black said he never voted against a teacher pay raise, but in 2001 voted against a 6% pay raise for teachers.


    Dick Black on Jobs:

    2005 Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act HB 2866

    Voted Against Giving Teachers a Six Percent Salary Increase and Against Restoring $9.4 Million Into the General Fund for Public School Maintenance McEachin Floor Amdt. To HB1600, 2/8/2011 –

    Prince William Committee of 100 debate at

    Loudoun Chamber forum at



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