Time to Replace Karl Rove’s “one-woman wrecking crew”


    It truly astounds me that a district formerly represented by sane, reasonable people like Vincent Callahan (Moderate R) and Margi Vanderhye (D) is now (mis)represented by a Karl Rove favorite who’s been described as “almost unhinged [in her passion to bring down the Clintons]” and as “a kind of one-woman wrecking crew targeting Democratic leaders.” This year, 34th district voters have an excellent chance to boot right-wing hack Barbara Comstock (learn more about her at Comstock Votes) from office and replace her with someone far better – Pam Danner. Let’s hope they do so, and that the “one-woman wrecking crew” isn’t allowed to do any more damage to Fairfax, to Virginia, and to the nation.


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