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The 1% Would Like You To Know It Disdains Your “Car-Free Day”


Asshole parking in BaltimoreA letter to the editor in the local Arlington Sun-Gazette begins by declaring “the concept of a world ‘car-free day’ truly odd,” pooh-poohing public transportation and singing the virtues of the car. But the author then gets down to brass tacks:

In fairness, I should mention that I own three cars. One also provides me with a major source of social fun because I belong to a car club that requires you must own that make of car to belong.

Some of my favorite things to do are to take a Sunday early-morning drive in the country or to participate in rallies or social events with like-minded people. It would be difficult for me to imagine a bus- or Metro-owners club.

Oh, do you not own three cars? How unfortunate for you. And why would you choose a form of transportation that does not facilitate lunch at the country club with like-minded people? I mean, the Kennedy Center grows weary after a time, don’t you find?


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