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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, October 26.

*Democrats mock Bolling’s government doesn’t create jobs comment

*McDonnell frustrated feds haven’t given okay for troopers to train as immigration agents

*DNC donates $100,000 to Virginia Senate races

*Virginia GOP backs Bolling’s jobs stance

*Democrats attack Romney ahead of Virginia visit

*Fairfax tests hoteliers’ support for higher tax to fund conference center

*Colgan reprises ‘Rocky Balboa’ role in new TV ad

*Public transit can leave Tysons workers in bind

*Virginia Supreme Court backs Loudoun schools in discipline case

*Editorial: Cantor won’t abide the public

*Jeff Schapiro column: GOP savors outlook for Senate

*Mayor: Stadium will require regional financial commitment

*Agency proposes $363.5 million budget for Va. colleges

*Va. Democrats shift campaign focus to abortion, guns

*Romney, McDonnell make political stop in Fairfax; fundraisers also on the agenda

*Fairfax County Woman Cleared in Dog Poop Trial

*Romney organizes in Va. for presidential race

*Transit boards awaiting money for capital projects

P.S. The photo description is as follows: “Senator Warner worked with Eastern Virginia Medical School students in a hands-on medical simulation today after discussing the region’s recent receipt of a $5 million federal grant to train displaced U.S. workers for high-demand healthcare jobs. We’ll be in Hampton Roads and on the Peninsula through tomorrow.”

UPDATE: The Washington Post finally realizes what I did months ago, that with just 27 (out of 100) contested, two-party races in the House of Delegates (note: even many of these are not truly competitive) and just 25 of 40 in the State Senate (again note: many of these are not particularly competitive), “In the Old Dominion, proud home of the oldest legislative body in the Western Hemisphere, two-party competition in state elections is dead.”

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