Bizarre, “Disrespectful” Mailer Hits Mailboxes in the 32nd Senate District Race


    Things always get weird before election day, and this mailer from a shadowy outfit that nobody seems to be able to track down, now hitting mailboxes in Arlington (and possibly more of the 32nd State Senate District), would certainly seem to qualify. Note that this mailer (see the flip side of the mailer on, appropriately enough, the “flip” of this post – heh) claims to come from Lynchburg, (coincidentally?) home of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Also note that the group cited, “Our Heritage USA,” is not listed on SBE, VPAP, or the FEC websites. Even weirder, if you look up the address on the postcard using Google Maps, it’s just a parking lot. Finally, there is no date or location stamp on the stamp, probably meaning that it was dropped at a mail sorting facility, not in a mailbox. Very, very strange.

    P.S. I just spoke with Janet Howell’s campaign manager, and he said they not only have absolutely no knowledge of who sent this mailer or where it comes from, they also find it to be “horrible” and “disrespectful.” I couldn’t agree more; there should no place in politics for this crap. Beyond that, it’s just stupid. There are many reasons not to vote for Patrick Forrest, but this mailer lists none of them (e.g., I’m very glad he’s been a strong Democrat until recently, hope he returns to the fold after his crushing loss to Janet Howell on Tuesday).


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