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Beyond Parody: “I’m not a witch,” but I am Endorsing Mitt Romney!


For a refresher on Christine “not a witch” O’Donnell, click here. A few highlowlights.

*”In the 1990s, O’Donnell took a public stance against masturbation, calling it “sinful” and equating it with adultery.”

*”In a 1996 discussion on CNN, O’Donnell advocated the teaching of creationism in public schools and criticized Darwin’s theory of evolution on the ground that it is ‘merely a theory’ or ‘a myth’.” (this one alone marginalizes her as an ignoramus and nutjob)

*”In 1998 she published an article in Cultural Dissident entitled, ‘The Case for Chastity’.”

*”In October 2007 O’Donnell stopped paying the mortgage of her Wilmington house and the mortgage company obtained a judgment against her in the spring of 2008 for $90,000. The house was to be sold at a sheriff’s auction in August 2008 when she sold it the month prior to her Senate campaign attorney who was also her boyfriend at the time.”

*”After the September 14, 2010 primary,”Democratic-leaning watchdog group”. [44]Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) alleged that O’Donnell made false statements on Federal Elections Commission filings and illegally used more than $20,000 of her campaign funds as “her very own personal piggy bank” by claiming campaign expenses during a time when she was not a candidate in 2009.”

*On September 17, 2010, comedian Bill Maher aired a clip of O’Donnell from the October 29, 1999 episode of his old show Politically Incorrect on his current show Real Time with Bill Maher,[101] in which O’Donnell said, “I dabbled into witchcraft – I never joined a coven…I hung around people who were doing these things… We went to a movie and then had a little midnight picnic on a satanic altar. And I didn’t know it.”

*On December 13, 2011, she endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Which one of these items – or many others not mentioned – is the craziest, most bizarre, etc? Feel free to discuss.

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