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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, December 28. Also, I disagree with Paul Goldman on this issue, but here he is making his case on NBC12 last night.

*The year in electoral absurdity (The funniest is 7a — Bill Bolling says “We do not believe the government creates jobs,” yet goes around calling himself Virginia’s “Chief Jobs Creation Officer.” Basic Logic FAIL!)

*Va. Senate control still in dispute

*Legislators poised for a fight over K-12 money

*Coalition of conservative groups (More like “Coalition of Anti-Environment Groups.” By the way, Anita Kumar is now seriously referring, without irony or quotation marks, to Bill Bolling’s propaganda bull**** of him being “the state’s chief jobs creation officer.” Apparently, that’s what passes for “objective” news these days at the Kaplan Post. Ugh.)

*Corporate interests fuel group’s desire to shape Va. legislation, critics say

*Hampton Roads lags in governor’s push for new jobs in Virginia (Again, don’t Republican’ts say that government can’t create jobs? So how can Gov. McDonnell “push for new jobs in Virginia?” Isn’t he part of the government?)

*Editorial: Don’t give Gingrich a do-over (I agree: “Virginia should consider revising eligibility rules, but not in the middle of a presidential contest.”)

*Perry only submitted 6 thousand signatures to VA Board of Elections (Not even close!)

*Cox on chances of changing GOP ballot access: “zero to none”

*Editorial: Restoring voting rights (Good for Greg Habeeb on this one; I can’t believe Virginia doesn’t do what the vast majority of states do already — automatically restore your voting rights once you’ve “done your time” and “paid your debt to society.”)

*WILLIAMS: Va. needs to relax ballot rules, but not just for Newt

*Va. unlikely to change law to allow Gingrich write-in

*Cuccinelli, Gingrich must stop whining

*Gilmore seeks new tax code (After driving Virginia’s budget nearly into the ditch, Jim Gilmore’s now attempting to do the same for the rest of the country. Boy, are we in trouble now!)

*Nelson Retirement Threatens Democratic Senate Majority (On the one hand, good riddance to phony “Democrat” Ben Nelson, but on the other hand, we need to try and hold that seat if we want to keep control of the Senate next year. It’s Bob Kerrey or bust, apparently.)

*A dedication to donkeys (And not the political kind, either. :))

*Christmas Tree Recycling Free to Washington DC Metro Area Residents


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