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Caption Contest: “Sideshow Bob” and a Dozen Eggs Edition


This photo of “Sideshow Bob” Marshall and a dozen eggs was posted by Marjorie Signer of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice posted this photo on her Facebook page, and a BV reader suggested it might make a great subject for a caption contest. One commenter points out that Marshall is the patron of HB1, the fertilized-egg-is-a-person bill, holding a carton of hardboiled eggs. And smiling. To me, that’s pretty funny. What do you think?

  • Progressive

    Deviled eggs anyone?

  • Bob was careful to ensure that an equal number of white and brown eggs made it into the carton.

  • NotJohnSMosby

    but this proves them wrong!

  • Peter Rousselot

    … unless you believe in “one person one egg”.  


    New poll shows Virginians strongly against bill that could outlaw abortion and birth control

    ALEXANDRIA, Va – Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, issued the following statement about a recent Quinnipiac poll that found 58 percent of Virginians oppose a new measure in Virginia to define life as beginning at conception:

    “This poll confirms just how out of touch anti-choice politicians are with our state’s values and priorities. At a time when Virginians are concerned about jobs, education and transportation, state politicians are instead focusing on eliminating healthcare access for Virginia women. HB 1 would ban abortion and could threaten common forms of birth control, opening the door to even more political interference in women’s personal, private decisions. Unfortunately, we know that the lawmakers behind this bill don’t care about the public’s opposition to this extreme idea. This extreme proposal would allow politicians to further interfere in our personal, private medical decisions, including a woman’s right to choose safe, legal abortion. Furthermore, these measures do absolutely nothing to make abortion less necessary. It is a shame our legislators would rather spend more time eliminating women’s healthcare access than tackling the issues most important to Virginians. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is prepared to counter this legislation and other anti-choice attacks in the upcoming General Assembly session in Richmond.”

    To learn more about HB 1 and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s efforts to defeat

    this extreme bill, visit


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