Civic Leaders Hail Melissa Bondi for Arlington County Board


    From time to time in this space, I’ll be posting updates related to the Melissa Bondi for Arlington County Board campaign.  Melissa is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for the Arlington County Board seat to be vacated by State Senator-Elect Barbara Favola.  I’ve worked with Melissa on numerous county and party issues over the years and, in my opinion, there is no one better prepared to lead Arlington in the years ahead.  

    Bondi, 40, has served in numerous leadership roles in Arlington, including as chair of Arlington’s Citizens Advisory Commission on Housing, President of the Lyon Park Citizens Association, and as a member of the board of directors of the Arlington New Directions Coalition and the Virginia Housing Coalition. She serves on Arlington’s Economic Development Commission, the Arlington Chamber of Commerce Community Action Committee, and is Parliamentarian of the Arlington County Democratic Committee. She is member of the Committee of 100, the Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance and Virginia Partisans LGBT Caucus, the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, among many other groups.

    “For the past decade I’ve worked extensively on the core issues facing our county. I am prepared to lead important community conversations about what will make Arlington a stronger, more competitive and desirable place to live in the next 30 years,” Bondi said. “I want to make sure we are truly engaging our neighbors, meeting public expectations, and making decisions that reflect our shared values. I will bring a knowledgeable, fresh approach that builds on our strengths and prepares our community to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

    Arlington residents and community leaders who have worked closely with Bondi hailed her candidacy:

    “I’ve always admired Melissa, from her command and knowledge of issues affecting people all across Arlington to her attention to detail in getting things right,” said Charley Conrad, past president of Virginia Partisans and past chair of LGBT caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia. “We first worked together on Sally Baird’s historic campaign for School Board. She’s been a great friend and personal mentor and is extremely supportive of my work across the Commonwealth to promote equality.”

    “Melissa’s breadth of knowledge, fresh perspective, and responsiveness to community concerns is exactly what we need on the County Board,” said Kristine Wood, a long-time school and community activist. “From neighborhood conservation, to affordable housing, to issues around school crowding, Melissa understands how county government can play a positive role to improve our community.”

    “Melissa and I have worked together through the Arlington New Directions Coalition, including my passions of affirmative action and other human rights issues facing our community and our schools,” said Maurico Alarcon, an Arlington educator and social justice activist. “She understands the importance of standing up for everyone’s ability to be an equal participant in Arlington.”

    “Melissa combines a strong neighborhood perspective with a broad understanding of public policy,” said Inta Malis, a community planning activist. “This is just the right approach for solving the complex land use and housing issues that face Columbia Pike and all of Arlington today.”

    Bondi campaign’s website, lists more than 150 active Arlingtonians who are supporting her campaign.

    Professionally, Bondi is recognized as a leading expert on regional nonprofit public policy, and has led initiatives on local, state and federal budget, housing, urban planning, and community development. She currently serves as a Project Coordinator for the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington, where she is focused on improving the ability of nonprofit partnerships to deliver safety net and related services to local residents. An Arlington resident since 1999, Bondi lives in the Clarendon-Courthouse neighborhood.

    Barbara Favola, whose County Board term ends on December 31, 2012, will vacate the seat early to take her seat in Richmond in January. The Arlington Circuit Court will set a date to fill Favola’s remaining term via special election. Arlington Democrats will nominate a candidate in that election.


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