Conservative Rich Lowry Whines: Waaaaaaaah! “We Don’t Have Our ‘A Team’ on the Field”


    I must say, this is truly tragic.

    Speaking of discontent with the Republican field, I talked the other day to a pretty prominent conservative officeholder who’s constantly been discussing with people around the country the possibility of a new entrant or a push to draft someone. But who?… It’s hard to argue, though, with the bottom line of this conservative: In an election with enormous consequences for the future of our country, “we don’t have our A team on the field.”

    Actually, this isn’t tragic at all, except insofar as it indicates the decline and fall of the once-serious “Grand Old Party.” Today, it’s more like the “Gone Off (the deep end) Party.” Bottom line: you know you’re not a serious party when your front runners are: 1) a long-time political loser and champion for the 1% (0.1%?) who’s flip-flopped on everything, including his support for cap and trade legislation, the individual mandate, abortion rights, gay rights, even his real first name; and 2) a bizarro, paranoid, conspiracy freak who hates gays, brown people, black people, Jews, Israel, the gub’mint, and black helicopters (but LOVES Mahmoud Ahmedinejad!). A few more comments courtesy of Whiskey Fire:

    *”The fact that the GOP presidential field is only capable of coughing up a gang of clownish shysters and a laughably phony hack indicates that the GOP is not a political party, but Fox News by other means.”

    *”[W]e can throw out all statistical models about prior elections because the modern GOP has gone off the charts nuts.”

    *”Romney will probably win the nomination, but he is anyhow an astonshingly bad candidate.”

    That about sums it up. Feel free to pile on, or disagree (although I can’t imagine a factual, reality-based reason for doing so) in the comments section.

    • Rich, ol’ boy:  And exactly who would comprise that A-team??

    • richmonder

      As we know too well here in Virginia, it’s not only the Republicans who don’t have an A Team at hand. Where’s Virginia’s line up for Democratic leaders of the next generation? Obama himself rose to the top because of deep polarization in his party, despite an exceptionally able HRC who many Dems still think would have made a better choice. Maybe it’s always been like this. But for a country that prides itself on its democratic process and for the virtuous calling of public service, we are NOT attracting the best and the brightest to political life. The 24/7 media culture may be one reason for this. The corporate financing of political parties another. But reforms are urgently needed. It’s not only the Republicans who are drowning in mediocre and outlandish candidates. Everyone is suffering.    

    • Peter Rousselot

      Let’s just assume for the sake of argument that today’s national Republican Party has an “A Team”. Let’s assume further that their “A Team” is not on the field for 2012. Who’s fault is that? It’s the fault of each and every member of their “A Team” who chose not to suit up for the game. No one kept them off the field. If they are really “A Team” members, maybe they chose not to play this time because they thought the odds of Obama’s re-election looked too good. If you don’t like that explanation, then the only other logical explanation is that every member of their “A Team” won’t be ready to compete for the Presidency until 2016 at the earliest. If you don’t like that explanation, then please tell me: what are the criteria for “A Team” membership exactly?  

    • Teddy Goodson

      Has anybody considered that? Ancillary whining about the putrid Republican field is, IMO, more like a “place holder” statement, meaning that the sensible elements in the GOP know they are in deep kimchee, and are telling themselves (and the voters), “wait, it really gets better.” What scares me is that, by some nefarious means, like gerrymandering and apportioning a state’s vote in the electoral college in fancy ways based on votes in each electoral district, one of the Republican clowns could actually end up beating Obama.