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Cuccinelli Takes “Liberties” With His Record


Yes, it’s official — the most extremist statewide official in modern Virginia history is running for governor.  He confirms it himself in an email to his staff.  Check it out — it’s hysterical in more ways than one.  Or maybe “hallucinogenic” is the right word.

Cuccinelli humbly praises himself as Attorney General  for “unprecedented battles for liberty in our lifetimes.”  Hmm…I’m thinking that may be a typo — perhaps he meant “unprecedented battles to squelch liberty in our lifetimes”?  As in:

– Squelching academic liberty by relentlessly harassing the University of Virginia because Professor Michael Mann engaged in groundbreaking climate change research.    What is truly unprecedented is having a powerful state official attempting to limit the speech and research of academics whose work offends his Big Oil and Big Coal donors.  I can’t think of a similarly ugly assault on the First Amendment in my lifetime.  

– Trying to end progress on civil rights in the state by preventing state colleges and universities from banning discrimination against gays.  Surely George Mason and Thomas Jefferson flipped in their graves at this attempt to stop and then reverse the flow of history toward ever increasing freedom.

– Fighting the Federal government to prevent the tens of millions of Americans without health insurance from having the liberty to access our health system and thereby free themselves from disabling illnesses and conditions.  In Cuccinelli’s Virginia and his America, only the wealthy are entitled to lives free of disease and suffering.  

– Suing the EPA to block action to prevent climate change — thereby limiting the liberty of future generations, who will be deprived of the right to live on a healthy climate with a more stable climate.  

– Finding that police may question anyone they’ve stopped for any reason about their immigration status — the Bill of Rights be damned!

And that’s just a sampling.  With a freedom fighter like this, who needs tyrants?

More detail and links for all of these assaults on your liberty by our Ayatollah General — and now aspiring  (gasp!) governor — in my previous rundown of Mr. Cuccinelli’s Bully State.


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