Elected Officials Endorse Melissa Bondi for Arlington County Board


    Numerous elected officials have endorsed Melissa Bondi for Arlington County Board.  County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman on Monday joined fellow County Board member Walter Tejada, Delegate-Elect Alfonso Lopez, Clerk of the Court Paul Ferguson, and School Board Member James Lander in endorsing Melissa Bondi to succeed State Senator-Elect Barbara Favola on the Arlington County Board.  

    The following are statements from each official on why they are supporting Melissa:

    Chris Zimmerman, Chairman, Arlington County Board

    Melissa Bondi has been an effective, tireless advocate for neighborhoods and organizations, while building an in-depth understanding of the complex issues and processes that are central to the work of the County Board, including land use planning and development, affordable housing, budget and capital, services for the elderly, and environmental protection.

    She exemplifies Arlington’s enduring tradition of extensive civic service, while representing a new generation of leadership, and she would be the first person elected to the County Board born after 1970, bringing a fresh, new perspective to County government.

    Also, Melissa has a proven ability to bring her own, innovative ideas to help resolve local problems that affect people’s lives: notably the key role she played in the 2005 development of Arlington’s historic affordable housing ordinance and statute, and in the landmark efforts to preserve the Buckingham community.

    Perhaps most importantly, those who have worked with Melissa are impressed not simply by how much she knows, but by how well she works with people of all kinds and all opinions.  She is able to establish constructive relationships among people who may disagree very strongly with one another, and treats everyone with respect and integrity.  Melissa Bondi is the kind of person I want to represent me on the County Board.

    Walter Tejada, County Board Member

    Melissa Bondi is one of the smartest, most effective community leaders I know.  I’ve long admired her commitment to inclusion.  She works hard to ensure that every Arlingtonian has a voice in matters that affect our community.  She has the experience and the knowledge, gained from working on community processes all across Arlington, to make a real difference in elected office.  I enthusiastically endorse Melissa Bondi for the Arlington County Board.

    Alfonso Lopez, Delegate-Elect (49th District)

    It’s been my pleasure to work with Melissa for over ten years on issues of importance to Arlington. Through her extensive professional and volunteer service across the Commonwealth on both policy and budget issues she has demonstrated a nuanced understanding of how our state government works, and its relationship to local decision-making.  This experience will make her a uniquely effective member of the Arlington County Board, and a skilled partner to our Richmond delegation on day one.

    Coupled with Melissa’s expert knowledge of local policy and neighborhoods, including along Columbia Pike, in Nauck, and in Pentagon City, is her proven dedication to Arlington values.  She is already widely respected across the region for her expertise on critical issues, including affordable housing, social services, transit, and sustainability.  Simply put – there is no better choice for the Arlington County Board than Melissa Bondi.  She has my full support!

    James Lander, Arlington School Board Member

    I’m voting for Melissa Bondi for Arlington County Board! Melissa has served in various leadership positions on committees throughout Arlington. Her dedication to our community, commitment to service, and knowledge of the issues is exactly the type of experience needed to continue to move Arlington forward.

    In my capacity as an elected school board member, I often work in collaboration with my colleagues on the County Board, and understand the importance of having a candidate for the County Board who values the importance of this partnership. Melissa has earned the respect of many civic leaders throughout the county through her selfless efforts to positively impact our community.

    Fellow Arlingtonians, Melissa Bondi is the only candidate I support in this race. She has earned my endorsement and more importantly my vote for Arlington’s County Board.

    Paul Ferguson, Clerk of the Court and Former Member of the Arlington County Board

    Melissa Bondi is the best possible candidate for the Arlington County Board. When I served on the County Board, Melissa was someone I looked to for advice on planning, transportation, housing, budget and environmental issues.

    She has served Arlington on numerous advisory commissions. She is a known civic leader and supporter of neighborhoods. She is well known in the Washington Metropolitan Region for her advocacy and knowledge of Smart Growth policies. She takes the time to be well informed on all issues. She has the ability to listen effectively, collaborate, and craft compromises on difficult issues.

    Melissa has the skills and experience to be a great leader on the Arlington County Board and in the Washington Metropolitan Region. I endorse her candidacy with great enthusiasm.



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