Fairfax County Democrats Call on John Frey to Resign


    So far today, we’ve had the Washington Kaplan Post call on Ken Kookinelli to resign, given his announced run for governor, and now the Fairfax Democratic Committee call on Fairfax County Clerk of Court John Frey to resign, given his campaign for Virginia Attorney General. In keeping with this spirit, I’d like to just reiterate my call for DPVA chair Brian Moran to either quit his job as head of the for-profit scam/student debt industry, or to quit his job as DPVA chair. Just trying to be consistent here, as I’m sure everyone would agree. 🙂


    Fairfax Clerk of Court Won’t Resign Well-Paid Post Overseeing Busy Courts

    FAIRFAX – Fairfax County Clerk of Court John Frey should resign his well-paid government job overseeing the county’s busy court system after announcing his statewide campaign for Virginia Attorney General, Fairfax County Democratic Chairman Rex Simmons said today.

    “I don’t care whether he runs or not, but Fairfax County taxpayers should not be subsidizing Mr. Frey’s campaign to the tune of $135,000 a year while he gallivants around the state seeking votes,” Simmons said. “Running the county courts is a full-time job. The Clerk of Court plays a key role in the administration of our courts.  He supervises about 100 county employees, and the Fairfax courts are among the busiest in Virginia year-round.”

    Simmons also cited concerns that serious conflicts of interest could arise if Frey solicits and accepts campaign donations from attorneys, law firms, and other businesses and individuals with matters before the courts. “The County’s top court administrator must avoid conflicts of interest or even the appearance of such improprieties to ensure the integrity of our judicial system,” he said.

    Simmons said he was surprised by Frey’s admission to The Washington Post that he plans to keep his full-time county post while he mounts a statewide campaign over the next two years for the November 2013 election.

    “Should we expect to have an absentee Clerk of Court for the next two years, or will we have a constitutional officer who runs his campaign and fundraising operation from our courthouse for the next 24 months while he collects his salary from the taxpayers,” Simmons asked.  “Either option is unacceptable.  Mr. Frey should resign.”

    • Thats like saying Tim Kaine should have resigned when he was DPV Chair

      Or what about Barbara Favola being a current County Board member running for Higher office?

      Both parties do this. I don’t get the big deal.

    • rexsimmons

      Two things make the Clerk of Court unique.  One, he is a full-time Fairfax County employee.  Our courts are in session year round and the clerk has duties to perform year round.  His high salary–$135,000 each year–is based on year round service to Fairfax County.  Running statewide for Attorney General will mean he will not be in Fairfax County doing the job we pay him to do every day the courts are in session.  

      Second, a Clerk of Court who is soliciting and accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions is bound to create serious conflicts of interests that will taint the impartiality expected in performing his duties.  Will contributing attorneys receive more favorable jury pools for their trials?  Will contributors receive favorable treatment in ensuring document deadlines are met?  Will the Clerk of Court sit in our courthouse, using taxpayer funded office space, to solicit money from attorneys, law firms, businesses, and others doing business with the courts?  Simply the appearance of a conflict undermines the integrity of a sacredly impartial judicial system.

      John Frey needs to resign and do it now.