I Thought VA Republicans Loved Our State?


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    by Paul Goldman and Mark Rozell

    What’s wrong with the Virginia GOP? They say they love Virginia, but they aren’t showing the love for the first Virginia resident in the modern history of the two-party era to lead in the polls for a major party presidential nomination.

    That’s right: Newt Gingrich is a Virginian (a story broken by Ben Tribbett of NLS), living in NOVA for over a decade. But Governor McDonnell, LG Governor Bolling, even AG Ken Cuccinelli are not showing any of that Virginia pride. Instead, McD and “crybaby” Bolling are heading to a Romney fundraiser. KC had some rather unVirginian things to say about the Newt Man on Fox the other day. According to KC, the Newt Man might even be….a big government liberal!

    Come on KC: A big government liberal who is a Virginia resident Republican?

    So I ask: Why is there such little love in the Virginia GOP for one of their own? I thought the GOP was the party who believed in tradition. Not backing one of your own even a little?


    True, Newt was born in Harrisburg, PA, but the Governor is likewise a Keystone state native. And true, the Newtster went to high school in Georgia and got his doctorate from Tulane in Louisiana. But for gosh sakes, he has lived in Virginia for 12 years as a permanent resident. He is a Virginian, or does the GOP think not?

    So what gives with the GOP establishment in Virginia? Romney has made it a point NOT to live in Virginia (he has lived in Michigan, Utah, MASS, California and Florida, and that’s only what we know to date). Heck, even Donald Trump has a house in Virginia.  

    Don’t Virginia Republicans have pride in their state after all these years? Now, I know a GOP Governor once famously suggested sawing off NOVA from Virginia, letting the – the ultimate put down from the Republicans’ perspective – the feds have it! Could it be that they don’t consider Newt a real Virginian because he lives in NOVA, not the “real Virginia?” Of course, KC lives in NOVA too, so that really can’t be it.

    Then why is the GOP snubbing its nose at a Virginia tradition of standing up for its own?

    In the history of the two-party system, no one living permanently in Virginia has been nominated, much less elected, President. Surely the GOP has some pride in Gingrich’s achievement to date?

    Well, maybe not.

    The Virginia GOP has to get it together, it makes us look bad if we can’t have some state pride in the success of one of our own. Surely he Virginia GOP can’t justify such a rebuking of a fellow state Republican.

    Come on Gov, LG and AG: let’s see some GOP luv for the Newtster. True, it is doubtful he would pick McDonnell as his running mate, given the Constitution and all. But you guys know what the Bible says about pridefulness?

    I am not asking for everyone to get on the Gingrich Love Boat. But some male bonding fellas, is that too much to ask?  


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