Judge Issues Order in Rick Perry Ballot Access Case


    A few points about this order:

    1. In case you’re interested, here is some information about Judge Gibney, who was recommended by Senators Webb and Warner, and was “approved by the Senate on December 16, 2010 during the lame duck session of the 111th Congress.”

    2. Judge Gibney lays out an expedited timetable in this order, with a hearing for a possible preliminary injunction set for January 13, 2012. (Note: that might not be expedited enough, as ballots are supposed to be printed by January 9.)

    3. Judge Gibney solicits other Republican candidates, including ones who didn’t even try to qualify for the Virginia Republican primary ballot, to “intervene as party plaintiff or defendant in this case.”

    4. Judge Gibney also orders Attorney General Cuccinelli to provide a “three page statement of authorities regarding any conflict that may exist given his public declarations about the subject matter of this case.”

    The rest of the order (click on the images to “embiggen” them) is on the “flip.” Any thoughts?


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