Mitt Romney: Opposition to Individual Mandate is “not American?”


    I wonder what Ken Kookinelli thinks of this!

    Let me just note, there are a lot of people who say, ‘you know Governor, I don’t like this idea that people are going to be required to buy insurance. This is America. They should be free.’ Well, they are going to get free health care if they don’t buy insurance. I don’t think it is appropriate to say individuals have a choice of saying I don’t want to buy insurance even though I can afford it and I want to make somebody else pay for it. That’s not American. And that is not the right way, in my view, for us to go.

    Yep, this is just one particular iteration (circa 2006) of the “designed by East German scientists” robopolitician, also known as “Mitt Romney.” In this case, Romney claims that not having an “individual mandate” for health insurance would be really bad thing, pretty much unAmerican. Of course, that heresy occurred five (5) whole years ago, when Romney was just a college kid, so it’s not surprising he’s changed his views. Oh wait, you mean the Mitt-ster was nearly 60 years old, having been in public office – and running for public office – for many years when he made these remarks?  Oh well, maybe since then Mitt’s read up on the subject or something. Perhaps Ken Kookinelli will help clarify Romney’s ever-changing views on this, and many other, subjects when “the Cucc” serves as a Faux “News” panelist for a Republican’t forum on December 3 in New York City. Should be interesting.

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